Technology partnerships

Pitkit maintains special business relationships with two other technology companies, EDGYN from France and
Zetes Belgium.


Bsecure is a full-service brand and document protection consulting and integration organization, offering the latest front-line technologies designed specially to combat and protect various clients from gray marketers and counterfeiters.
Bsecure was established in 1999, a subsidiary of Pitkit Printing Enterprises Ltd. And is partly owned by EDGYN, one of the global leading players in Brand Protection solutions.
Our company is managed and operated by an experienced and highly motivated team with vast expertise in the field of security of both documents and brand products.
Over the years, we have gained experience and knowledge in providing intelligent security solutions for a variety of industries. Many of our technologies have been tried and tested by blue-chip companies and governments in various locations worldwide.
Our R&D unit functions as a high-tech incubator, developing technologies from concepts into finished products. We transform technologies into customized, unified systems.
Bsecure technologies can be found on smart labels for tagging and tracking products, smart packaging with authentication technology for preventing counterfeiting, forgery, diversion, and theft; and government documents including ID cards, Passports and other secured certificates. We are committed to providing reliable, smart security solutions for comprehensive protection.


eGovPrint is a major provider of high-security smartcards for population identification. Our mission is to empower national governments and security agencies to create, personalize and issue data-rich, counterfeit-proof identification documents that enable efficient delivery of services and security functions.
eGovPrint offers end-to-end integrated solutions for smartcard production and personalization, with expertise in multi-level anti-fraud technology and design, seasoned staff, state-of-the-art production lines and rigorous quality standards enable the company to efficiently handle projects for even the most populous and demanding of countries.
eGovPrint commitment to deliver the highest quality possible is demonstrated by its rigorous QA processes and confirmed by the quality certifications it has earned from the Standards Institution of Israel.